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Our warranty covers ANY defect due to our workmanship.
Our warranty does NOT cover abuse, neglect, or general wear and tear of your product.
If you send you tack back for a repair and it has not been cleaned, we will charge a fee based on the condition.
Tips and Hints


Luan's Leathers tack is made for riding and every day use.


Don't keep them hung up in your tack room for a special occasion - take them out and enjoy them.


To clean leather . . . . .


Leather should be deep cleaned at least twice a year. Remove dirt and horse sweat using a stiff brush or damp cloth. Use a low Ph "non-darkening" leather conditioner to ensure your leather does not change color after it dries. Apply a leather conditioner as directed. Frequent conditioning will keep leather strong and pliable.

To clean hair on hide . . . . .

Brush off loose dirt using a stiff brush. Use a damp rag to then wipe the hide clean. You can also hand wash the hide using a mild soap and water to remove tough stains.


To clean crystal tack . . . . .

Brush off loose dirt using a stiff brush (toothbrushes work great!), then wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not use a detergent, the acidity may corrode the metals and damage the rimsets holding the crystals onto the hide. Use a toothbrush and Windex® on your crystal conchos to keep them sparkling. Do not store your tack in extreme hot or cold temperatures as this can expand or contract the adhesive causing the foil backing on the crystals to separate from the crystal itself.


To clean Angora hair . . . . .

Angora hair should never be combed or brushed as it will cause the ringlets to frizz and lose it's natural "kinky" look that gives it its character and appeal. If you wash your Angora, use Woolite®, rinse and allow it to air dry. Once it is completely dry finger comb it, or use a wide toothed pick to straighten out the hair.


Storage . . . . .

Leather should be stored in a dry location out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.


Our guarantee . . . . .

All Luan's Leathers products are made with the highest quality materials including Herman Oak Leather, Stainless Steel hardware and Swarovski crystals. We feel our products are tough enough to withstand everyday use, and therefore we guarantee and stand behind everything we make. Our warranty covers any defect due to our workmanship. Our warranty does NOT cover abuse, neglect, or general wear and tear of your product. There will be a small fee to repair or replace broken or lifted crystals caused by an impact, storing your tack in extreme temperatures, or leather repairs from horses pulling back on halters and headstalls.


We wish you and your Luan's Leathers tack or accessory a very happy life together!

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