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Our warranty covers ANY defect due to our workmanship.
Our warranty does NOT cover abuse, neglect, or general wear and tear of your product.
If you send you tack back for a repair and it has not been cleaned, we will charge a fee based on the condition.
How to place an order
Placing an order can be done in 3 simple steps


Step 1:

From the menu at the top of each page you can browse through all of our Horse Tack and Other Items. Look around for a while until you find the item(s) you like.

Step 2:

Now it's time to pick out your options. Click on the Choices link to choose which hide, buckle, crystal, and concho you prefer.


Step 3:

Now you're ready to Contact Us and place your order. You can either place your order over the phone, or e-mail us.

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