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Oh what an amazing adventure this has been!


I still remember the first card table booth set up at a local jackpot over twenty years ago, filled with my “hobby” creations, and how that little table was emptied after just a couple hours. I couldn’t believe people wanted to pay money for what I loved to create. That was the beginning of what would be a most fantastic story.


Luan’s Leathers has allowed me the opportunity to meet fascinating people, build lasting friendships, travel more than I ever imagined and make memories I will forever cherish. I’m so grateful for the customers who would pop in for a cup of coffee, and spend the afternoon catching up. Those that shared their joys, triumphs and grief with me. I’m honored to have shared laughter and tears with so many of you. 


One thing I am most proud of is how I was able to include my two daughters, Jess and Annie, in this journey. They have both grown to love the leather trade, and I am so happy they inherited my passion for this creative art. While Jess branched out years ago, Annie has assisted with Luan’s Leathers in a variety of capacities over the years. From marketing, sales, bookkeeping and production, she’s had her hand in helping build this business into what it is today. 


I’ve had two careers in my life. One in the dental field and then Luan’s Leathers. And after all that, I am fortunate to have reached the blissful age of retirement. While leather work will always hold my heart, I’m excited to have some time to pursue some other passions that have taken the back burner over the years. And while my family teases me about being careful of what my hobbies may turn into, I really am just doing them for fun this time ;-)


On that note, it is with great excitement that I announce that Annie and her talented husband Haydn have officially taken the reins as the new owners of Luan’s Leathers! I am so excited to see what this next chapter holds for them, as I am sure it will be a great one. 


Thank you again to each and every one of you that have been a part of the Luan’s Leathers story. My story. May our paths cross soon, and until then I leave you in good hands. 




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